PRO-JECT Xtension 9 Evolution (N/C) – Eucalyptus (PJ71652005)


  • Heavy 16 kg Belt Drive Turntable
  • Mass Loaded Magnetic Floating Subchassis
  • MDF Chassis Filled with Metal Granulate
  • Inverted Tonearm Bearings (ABEC 7 Quality)
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High-end turntable with 9″ evo tonearm

Superlative vinyl performance from a compact luxurious turntable/arm configuration!
Xtension 9 Evolution incorporates all our turntable design experience from more than 20 years in a slim-line size to fit standard audio racks. Xtension 9 chassis is made from MDF filled with metal granulate, that gives high mass and is non-resonant. Magnetic feet, which decouple the main plinth from its base, are combined with a weighty 16 kg total turntable mass. With these two magnets located in the feet, the turntable is practically floating. The result is a unique combination of ‘mass loaded’ and ‘floating turntable’ design principles. Instead of pure metal for the main platter, we’ve found a perfect alloy which we damped on with thermo plastic elastomers (TPE). Additionally we’ve placed recycled Vinyl records on top (which act as a perfect mat) and bake this ‘sandwich’ before precision balancing it. The final product subsequently benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free, heavy platter, that runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension. The Xtension 9 Evolution includes a top-class high-end tonearm 9” Evolution.

The turntable comes either with or without a pre-adjusted cartridge in the Xtension 9 Evolution SuperPack. It comes standard with the premium tonearm cable 5pin > RCA cable. For an optimal connection to the Phono Box RS or RS2, the symmetrical premium tonearm cable 5pin > XLR is available separately. Phono Box RS and RS2 offer balanced phono inputs, what guarantees superior results in high-end vinyl reproduction with a balanced signal source.

NOTE: The signal source and the receiving device have to be equipped with balanced connections. Transmission of audio signals in a balanced mode reduce the influence of interference due to external stray electric fields significantly.

In the box:

Xtension 9 Evolution optionally as SuperPack with pre-adjusted Pick it DS2 MC cartridge (*cartridge in SuperPack can vary)
Connect it 5P-E RCA Cable (Upgrade option: 5P-XLR)
Dust cover
Adapter for 7“ singles
Record puck
Counterweights for 5-14g cartridges
Power supply, allen key, spirit level, gloves


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