Kicker PTRTP Powered Down-Firing 12” Enclosure (49PTRTP12)


  • Compact, factory-tuned enclosure for tight locations to fit many trucks and SUVs
  • Two models available – 12-inch sub with 500-watt amp, or a 10-inch sub with 400-watt amp
  • Amp is built-in and power-matched for hard-hitting bass
  • Easily integrates with factory system
  • Down-firing for ultimate driver protection
  • Thick, tough internal bracing to resist stacking weight
  • Active CompRT Sub matched with passive reFLEX™ sub for extra output
  • Remote bass control included

The PTRTP combines an active, award-winning CompRT subwoofer, a passive reFLEX sub, and a power-matched, built-in amplifier for an efficient, pounding bass solution for your ride.

Hard-Hitting Bass in a Single Package