Cirrus Screens

    • Motorized Screens
    • Fixed Frame Screens
    • Manual Pull Down Screens


Whether it’s our standard motorized screens, or our reference level tab tensioned screen, or our in ceiling tab tension screens, we have solutions that perform at the highest level. Not only do these screens give you the best possible picture, they fight right in with your decor

Whether you’re an avid video connoisseur, or just want to watch the big game on the big screen, the screen makes all of the difference. Our beautifully designed screens have been engineered to extract every last bit of performance from your projector.  Available in Thin Frame, and Curved Frame designs.

Whether it’s a DIY Home Theatre, or a boardroom, a manual projection screen is the most cost effective way to get a big picture. But cost effective doesn’t have to compromise quality. When design meets performance, you get the best picture at a fraction of the cost

Whether you’re creating a home theatre, a media room, a play room, or just a really big screen for your living room, you deserve the best quality. Quality and Design are the two principles we live by. Our roots are in residential theatre systems. Put our decades of experience to work for you to build your dream theatre.

We may have been born and bred in residential Home Theatre, but we know a thing or two about Commercial applications. Durability, quality, and affordability make Cirrus Screens the perfect match for your board room. You don’t want to be squinting trying to make out what is being projected onto the screen, and Cirrus Screens offer a crisp and clear picture in any lighting environment.